A Manual of Ethics Book PDF Download by Jadunath Sinha

A Manual of Ethics Book PDF Download by Jadunath Sinha


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A Manual of Ethics

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A Manual of Ethics

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Jadunath Sinha

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The book aims to serve as an introduction to modern ethics. It is related to some important contemporary ethical theories such as Rachdall and Moore's Ideal Utilitarianism, Ross's Eyre Emotional Theory of Neo-Intuitionism, Patton's Coherent Theory, Marxist Ethics, Moral Relativism, Naturalism, Non-Naturalism, Subjectivism, Objectivism, and Constructive Morality, Nietzsche's Ethics of Will-to-Power and Superman, Gandhi's Ethics of Nonviolence, and Sri Aurobindo's Concept of Superman.
This MANUAL OF ETHICS has developed out of lecture notes. Its aim is to give, in a brief compass, an outline of the fundamental principles of Ethics. It is intended for the use of the candidates for the B. A. Examination of the Indian Universities. It is specially adapted to the syllabuses of Calcutta University and Agra University. It is written in simple and easy language. The material has been drawn from standard textbooks. Apt quotations and references have been given to stimulate the reader to study them at the first hand and master the subject.
Nietzsche's Ethics of Power and Mahatma Gandhi's Ethics of Ahimsa are of topical interest. The Standard as Value is an achievement of modern ethical thought. The Problems of Social Ethics and Political Ethics will be of great help to students in answering practical questions. For their benefit model, University questions have been inserted at the end.

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