Adolf Hitler Collection Of Speeches PDF Download political theory

Adolf Hitler Collection Of Speeches PDF Download political theory


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Adolf Hitler Collection Of Speeches

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Construction resumed after the war and it was anticipated that better opportunities were to come. After the Seven Years' War Frederick the Great, as a result of extraterrestrial efforts, left Prussia without obligation for the end of World War I. Germany was troubled by its own obligations somewhere in the range of 7 or 8 billion raids. and the past that was faced with the obligations of the rest of the world' - supposedly 'repayment'. According to the result of Germany's work the place was not for the country, but for its unrecognized loan owners: 'It was delivered forever in trains to the areas on our outskirts'. Each laborer needed the help of another specialist, the result of which was confiscated by the outsider. After 25 or thirty years the German man, who by the way would never have the option of paying all requested for it, would in fact have such a large total that for all intents and purposes it would be more to make than it is today. Compelled. What will be the end? Besides, the answer to that question is to mortgage our territory, to subjugate our work force. Thus, in the financial sector, November 1918 was not really an achievement, yet it was the beginning of our breakdown. Furthermore, in the political circle we first lost our strategic privileges, and with that misfortune went our state's real power, and later, our monetary independence, for there remained a constant indemnity commission so that 'for all intents and purposes' We are currently not a politically autonomous German Reich, we are just a settlement of the rest of the world. We have added this in the light of the fact that as far as can be imagined, we have morally shamed ourselves, we have vehemently destroyed our own self-esteem and have been subjected to dishonesty, defamation and It has helped to negate everything that we have recently considered sacred. If it is opposed that the revolution has gained an advantage in public activity for us: they must be unusually secretive, these social additions - so secret that one never sees them in practical life, can be seen through our German environment. It should move like a liquid. One might say 'Well, it's an eight-hour day! What's more, was a breakdown critical to achieving this? Furthermore, will the eight-hour day be delivered in any safe way through our basically being bailiffs and activists of various people's groups? Soon France will say: You cannot fulfill your commitments, you must work more. So this achievement of revolution is referred to by revolution as a matter of first importance. Then, at that time, someone has said: 'Since the revolution, individuals have gained rights. Taking care of people! Weird! The person has been administering for three years now and no one has once asked its point of view. Arrangements were marked that would hold us back for a long time: and who marked the settlements? person? No! The governments that one day introduced themselves as the government. Furthermore, in their political race, the individuals had nothing else to think about the questioner: they are there if I choose them. Assuming we choose them, they are through our political race. Yet, since we are self-governing individuals, we must co-opt society so that they can be chosen to look after us.


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