Of Mice and Men PDF Download Free by John Steinbeck

Of Mice and Men PDF Download Free by John Steinbeck


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Of Mice and Men

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A close-up representation of two men who share the thin relationship between them and the imagination they share in a world distorted by negligible oppression, misconception, jealousy, and harshness. Clinging to each other in their despair and estrangement, George and his retarded partner Lenny dream, as wanderers, of a place to call their own – parts of the land and pigs, chickens, and rabbits. A couple is back in the Hill Country where the land is modest. Yet, when they come to chip in a farm in California's exuberant Salinas Valley, their hopes, akin to "the best-laid plans o' rats a' men", turn out badly. Looks like. A few miles south of Soledad, the Salinas River falls near the sloping edge and flows deep and green. The water is also warm, as it slips over the yellow sand in broad daylight before reaching the confined pool. On one side of the waterway the glistening lowland curves towards the solid and rough Gabilan Mountains, although on the valley side, the water is fixed with tree-willows, new and green with each spring, which leaves their lower leaves. the message at the crossroads. the waste of the cold time of the flood of the year; and sycamores with speckled, white, carefree appendages and branches that curve over the pool. On the sandy banks under the trees, the leaves are so fresh that a reptile running between them would make an extraordinary flicker. Bunnies emerge from the brush to sit on the sand in the evening, and the sod pads are covered with the night tracks of the 'coon', and with the spread piles of canines from the fields, and the split-wedge tracks of the deer to come. with. To taste dull.

There is a path between Willow and Sycamore, a path that is hit hard by young men coming from the fields to swimming in a deep pool, and thrashed vigorously by tramps who draw close in the woods down the parkway in the evening. Water. Before the lower even appendage of the Goliath sycamore, there is a pile of rubble composed of several flames; The appendage is worn sleek by the men who are sitting on it.


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