365 Days With Self-Discipline PDF Download Free by Martin Meadows

365 Days With Self-Discipline PDF Download Free by Martin Meadows


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365 Days With Self-Discipline

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 365 Days With Self-Discipline: 365 Life-Altering Thoughts on Self-Control, Mental Resilience, and Success

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Martin Meadows

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  5 MB

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Personal DevelopmentSelf-Help


365 Days With Self-Discipline is a practical, accessible guidebook for embracing more self-discipline in your everyday life. You’ll learn how to do this through 365 brief, daily insights from the world’s brightest minds, expanded and commented upon by bestselling personal development author Martin Meadows.
This isn’t just an inspirational book; most of the entries deliver practical suggestions that you can immediately apply in your life to become more disciplined. Here are just some of the things you’ll learn:

  •  why living your life the hard way makes it easy (and other suggestions from a successful entrepreneur and longevity scientist);
  •  how to overcome your initial resistance and procrastination based on the remark made by one of the most renowned Renaissance men;
  •  why, according to an influential neurosurgeon, it’s key to see problems as hurdles instead of obstacles (and how to do that);
  •  how to embrace an experimental mindset to overcome a fear of failure (a technique recommended by a successful entrepreneur and musician);
  •  how to quit in a smart way, according to a world-famous marketing expert;
  •  how to improve your productivity at work by implementing the advice from one of the most successful detective fiction writers;
  •  how a trick used by screenwriters can help you figure out the first step needed to get closer to your goals;
  •  how to maintain self-discipline in the long-term by paying attention to what a bestselling non-fiction author calls necessary to survive and thrive;
  •  how your most common thoughts can sabotage your efforts (and other valuable insights from one of the most respected Roman Stoics); and
  •  how to overcome temporary discouragement and look at your problems from the proper perspective, as suggested by a well-known public speaker and author.

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