The History of History Volume I PDF Download by James T. Shotwell

The History of History Volume I PDF Download by James T. Shotwell


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The History of History Volume I

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 The History of History Volume I

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James T. Shotwell

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Ancient History

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THE PRESENT volume is a belated product of a movement in the field of American historical criticism, which came of age in the decade preceding the World War, a movement toward the recasting of traditional perspectives in the light of original source materials. During the closing years of the nineteenth century scholars returning from Europe-or those trained under them-set about the task of remaking the teaching of history in our universities. The seminar method. brought the student face to face with evidence, as libraries, filled with great collections of original documents, grew more and more adequate for historical research. The result was a profound change in the academic treatment of history. While the general public continued for a generation or so to enjoy what it had formerly enjoyed and gave up with reluctance cherished beliefs in the history of their own or other countries, universities and colleges vied with each other in the furtherance of what was known as the scientific method in history. Of this, there were two outstanding pieces of evidence, the rewriting of college and high-school textbooks and the preparation of books of "Readings" of translated sections of original sources. Thus the study of history passed from a process of memorizing dates and events of little interest to the youthful student to the discipline of exercising caution in the examination of evidence and the exhilarating sense of direct contact with a living past.

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