Alexander the Great PDF Download By Jacob Abbott

Alexander the Great PDF Download By Jacob Abbott


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Alexander the Great PDF Download By Jacob Abbott

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Alexander the Great

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Jacob Abbott

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Jacob Abbott's book rooted for young readers depicts Alexander as a tactical virtuoso, provided with astonishing insight, genuine grandeur, and courage. Part of the events early in his day-to-day existence are depicted in concrete terms when he tames a wild and fearsome pony. Alexander's childhood, his father insisting on making him an officer for Macedonia when he was only 16 years old, and his encounter with his father on a military mission in Boeotia, where he showed important characteristics of coolness, patience, and intelligence. Was. Philip's separation from his second, Olympia, Alexander's mother, is additionally depicted and Abbott follows part of Alexander's less attractive characteristics to this imperial sovereign. His arrogance, pride, and touch which in some cases lead him to be hard, wanting and loathing for his father's incredible victories are also depicted, giving us a level and balanced image of the young saint. Alexander's prolific reign and his extraordinary military missions, the remarkable crossroads of the Hellespont, his loss of Darius, and the conquest of the regions of Asia Minor, Tire, and Egypt are the things of legend. At the age of 26, he was the best ruler the Old World had ever had, yet he effectively began to descend into the existence of corruption. Their military leaders began to dissent and later followed a horrific path of murders and deaths. Even the last days of Alexander are imprisoned in the last parts of this arresting book. Jacob Abbott exudes in his every capacity as an antiquarian and writer of youth the existence of one of history's most remarkable figures who are tempting to both the young and the more experienced.

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