The Glugs of Gosh PDF Download By C. J. Dennis

The Glugs of Gosh PDF Download By C. J. Dennis


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The Glugs of Gosh

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The Glugs of Gosh

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C. J. Dennis

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The Glugs of Gosh is a humorous jog through the universe of the occupants of Gosh, a world that is by all accounts filled with suspiciously similar weaknesses and idiosyncrasies. First distributed in 1917, The Glugs of Gosh parodies Australian life in the early 20th century – yet the idioms it lists seem as common as the early twenty-first. The folly of the rulers, the world-class arrogance, the brazenness of the groups, the bombastic pride, the recklessness of the post-practice – all considers themselves the objects of the munching mind of CJ Dennis. The Glugs of Gosh is a book of satirical volumes by Australian author CJ Dennis, distributed by Angus and Robertson in 1917. , climbers) are known as gluggs. Dennis refers to the Glugs as "the moral race of the adjustment society". Illustrations by Hal Gaye, Dennis' customary aide, depict Gloggs as a small humanoid with a large head. Written in the style of children's hogwash poetry, the work attacked streamlined commerce, as well as what Dennis saw as Australia's social equality, scholarly weakness, and broad organization. Although the book has more notable artistic validity than the larynx-lived dog for which Dennis is popular, it was a commercial disappointment. As one biographer has indicated, "the sense of political and financial ridicule veiled upon ordinary society was lost." The book is dedicated to his better half.

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