Cambridge English Vocabulary In Use Pre Intermediate & Intermediate book by Redman

Cambridge English Vocabulary In Use Pre Intermediate & Intermediate book by Redman


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Cambridge English Vocabulary In Use Pre Intermediate & Intermediate book by Redman

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Brief Description of Cambridge English Vocabulary In Use Pre Intermediate & Intermediate Book:-

The English vocabulary (pre-middle and transitional) being used at this level is designed to help students work on their English. It is designed for students who are contemplating alone but can also be used by a teacher in the homeroom with student gatherings.
The book consists of 100 two-page units. The left-hand page explains new words and expressions (most units contain about 25 new words or states), and the right-hand page gives you the opportunity to check your understanding through the progression of activities that introduce new words and phrases. Practice vocabulary. In a highly defined number of units, for example, units 18 and 71, the right-hand page contains some new words and expressions that are not explained on the left-hand page. There is an answer key at the back of the book. It not only provides accurate feedback
Do exercises with 'correct' or 'wrong' arrangements, yet there are additional possible answers and tests related
Practices that do not have 'right' or 'wrong' systems.
Similarly, there is a file at the back of the book. It gives a brief overview of all the new words and expressions introduced in the book and points you to the unit or units where these words appear. The record also includes a phonetic record for a large number of words, and on page 247 you are given unusual help with how to express the nearly 200 words that present issues specific to some students of English.
left-hand page
This is the page that introduces the new jargon for the location of the cache point or language. As a matter of first importance, the jargon is separated into different fields (A, B, C, and so on) with basic clear headings; And later inside each part, new words are clarified using different strategies:
• A brief definition. The definition follows the word, or comes towards the end of
expression or sentence; It is in sections and is represented by Image =. CG unemployed (= without any work); feel like (= need or want infml) The contractions fml or informal tell you whether a word is either formal or 'casual'.
• A brief explanation. This would be a finished sentence that often includes a new word, for example successful. (In case something is successful, it works admirably and gives good results.)
an equivalent word or inverse, for example, astonishing (= unbelievable,); dirty clean)
• In a circumstance. Some words are hard to picture and it is easy to see their importance when they are placed in a setting. Coming next from a text about a motoring accident. CG The driver of the Mercedes was fine, yet the other driver was seriously harmed, and both vehicles were seriously damaged."
• An image or chart. It seems to be the undeniable way to illustrate countless important things and action words.

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