The History of Bengal vol 1 Hindu Period Book PDF Download by R.C Majumdar

The History of Bengal vol 1 Hindu Period Book PDF Download by R.C Majumdar


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The History of Bengal vol 1 Hindu Period Book

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The History of Bengal vol 1 Hindu Period

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R.C Majumdar

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BENGAL is the name given to the eastern province of British India which stretches from the Himalayas in the north to the Bay of Bengal in the south, and from the Brahmaputra, the Kangsa, the Surma, and the Sajjuk rivers in the east to the Nägar, the Barakar, and the lower reaches of the Suvarnarekha in the west. The area described above lies roughly between 27° 9' and 20° 50' north latitude and 86° 35' and 92° 30' east longitude. The extent of the province, excluding the States of Hill Tippera, Cooch Bihar, and Sikkim, and the surface area covered by large rivers and estuaries is 77,521 square miles and the total population a little over sixty millions. The majority of the people in the western districts are Hindus. In the east Muslims predominate. The area of some of the southern districts is increasing owing to the recession of the Bay in the south.

The territory inhabited by the Bengali-speaking race stretches far beyond the political boundaries of the modern province of Bengal. It extends to the east into the districts of Goalpara, Sylhet, and Cachar which form parts of the province of Assam, and to the west into the districts of Manbhum, Santal Parganas, and Purnea which are included within the official boundaries of Bihar. The sarkärs of Sylhet and Purnea, the pargana of Akmahal (now Rajmahal) and the famous Pass of Teliagarhi, now in the Santal Parganas, formed integral parts of the subah of Bengal in the days of Akbar. Rennell's map of the northern provinces shows that even as late as 1779 Purnea was included within Bengal and not "Bahar" i.e., Bihar. The northern boundary of the province reached the summit of the Himalayas as early as the time of the Gupta kings. In the east "the valley of the Barak with its two Districts of Cachar and Sylhet had formed the north-eastern part of the Dacca Division" of Bengal as late as the year 1874.

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