Khasi-English Dictionary Book PDF by U Nissor Singh

Khasi-English Dictionary Book PDF by U Nissor Singh


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Khasi-English Dictionary Book PDF by U Nissor Singh

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Khasi-English Dictionary

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U Nissor Singh

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Language Studies and Teaching

Excerpt from Khasi-English Dictionary:-

As the Cherra dialect has been selected and introduced by the Welsh Missionaries (and very wisely too) as a standard of the Khasi language, no attempt has been made to insert words of other dialects, excepting in a very few instances.

Is drawing out this little book before people in general, I ask to say that I have been occupied with work so challenging that I can't pronounce to have effectively finished it, at the same time, empowered by the recognition that not a couple of people have embraced work of a comparable kind in different dialects on a limited scale right away, I didn't recoil from making the same endeavor myself. At the point when the work had been. completed, and a piece of it going through the press, Sir Bampfylde Fuller mercifully considered it, and at his occasion, a council, made out of U Dohory Ropmay, B.A., U Hajom Kiss or Singh, and myself, as individuals, was designated for amending and augmenting it. As the Cherra tongue has been chosen and presented by the Welsh Missionaries (and astutely as well) as a norm of the Khasi language, no endeavor has been made to embed expressions of different vernaculars, besides in not very many occasions. 

No agonies have been saved to counsel as a large number of the books and nearby papers accessible, as have been distributed modern.

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