Saint Francis of Assisi: A Biography Book PDF By Johannes Jorgensen

Saint Francis of Assisi: A Biography Book PDF By Johannes Jorgensen


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Saint Francis of Assisi : A Biography Book PDF By Johannes Jorgensen

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Saint Francis of Assisi: A Biography

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Johannes Jorgensen

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Johannes Jorgensen (1866–1956) is the most popular external his local Denmark for his well-known life story of St. Francis of Assisi, which he wrote in 1907. As an understudy in Copenhagen, he looked to no end for truth in different common and profound ways of thinking. However, his 1894 visit to Assisi, with his companion Mogens Ballin, a Jewish proselyte to Catholicism, prompted a defining moment in Jorgensen's own otherworldly life and journey for truth and denoted the start of his intense love for Francis, an affection that turned into the distraction of his life and prompted his change to Catholicism in 1896. His immortal life story of Francis of Assisi keeps on motivating perusers from all doctrines and societies. 

Brought into the world to a prosperous fabric trader of Assisi, Francis (1182-1226) carried on with the commonly cheerful existence of an affluent youngster of his day, which included battling as a trooper. In 1205, while away at war, he encountered a dream that coaxed his re-visitation of Assisi, where he before long lost his preference for common daily routine and started to experience an existence of outreaching destitution in impersonation of Jesus Christ. He set out upon a journey to Rome, where he asked for contributions close by the poor at St. Peter's Basilica. Upon his re-visitation of Assisi, he started to lecture in the town square and before long gained an inquisitive after which bloomed into an overall strict request. The Franciscans started a profound recovery that illuminated the Dark Ages and that proceeds even into our day.

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