The Sword of Deborah Book PDF By F. Tennyson Jesse

The Sword of Deborah Book PDF By F. Tennyson Jesse


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The Sword of Deborah Book PDF

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 The Sword of Deborah: First-hand impressions of the British Women's Army in France

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F. Tennyson Jesse

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"The Sword of Deborah" contains the impressions of a lady writer visiting ladies working behind the lines in France during World War I. She states: "I was happy to have seen all the diverse caravans I had, on the grounds that no two had been to be the same, and to every, I am obliged for a varying articulation of a similar vision, which is the vision mind-blowing of an obligation embraced happily and supported with mental fortitude. From my first caravans - the Fannies and the G.S.V.A.D's. - I got its magnificent realities, at the V.A.D. Caravan at E - - I got that side of it which I as generally happy of all to experience, and at the V.A.D. Guard at T - - I found that brilliant soul of sheer euphoria in peril which is too valuable to even think about being permitted to cease to exist of the world on the grounds that there turns out to be, as of now, such an incredible arrangement an excessive amount of risk let free upon it."

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