Panchatantra Stories in English PDF

Panchatantra Stories in English PDF

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Panchatantra Stories

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Vishnu Sharma

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Panchatantra Stories PDF
Panchatantra Stories PDF

Panchatantra Stories PDF Download
Panchatantra Stories PDF Download

 India, with its ancient traditions, is one of the oldest, wisest and most enlightened nations in the world. Almost everyone in modern educated world is aware of the 'Upanishads', 'Vedas', and even 'Yoga'. There is no doubt thatAncient India has excercised great intellectual life, and has dazzled with fabulous antiquity, and with its literature.

The Panchatantra is a unique contribution of Ancient India to the world, particularly to the world literature, that has equally delighted the young and the old, educated and uneducated, rich and poor, high and low - for over two thousand years. It has triumphed over the greatest obstacles of language, custom and religion, and made an unparalled progress from its native land to all the civilized parts of the globe - as it continues to delight everyone to this very day. 

 Panchatantra Stories Summary

The Panchatantra is a compilation of inter-woven series of tales in prose and poetry, mostly animal fables. It was compiled in Sanskrit (Hindu) and Pali (Bhuddhist). The compilation, attributed to Pandit Vishnu Sharma, is considered by most scholars to be dated around 3rd century BCE, and to be based on older oral civilization. Through cross-border mutations, adaptations and translations, the Panchatantra remains the most popular work of literature, especially amongst storytellers.

Tales of this ancient Indian work, the original texts of which is now long lost, portray the origins of the subcontinent's language and primitive lifestyle apart from its objectives, according to its own narrative, to illustrate the primary Hindu principles of niti - the wise conduct of life.

The Panchatantra consists of 5 parts, apart from a brief introductory narrative. Each of the five parts revolve around a frame story, which further contain "emboxed" stories, sometime three to four levels deep. These emboxed stories snap from each other, unexpectedly and irregularly at times, to sustain attention: 

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