Kali Tantra (Kali Rising) English PDF

Kali Tantra (Kali Rising) English PDF

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 Kali Rising

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Rudolph Ballentine

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Traditionally a tantra, which is writing passed down describing the principles and practice of the discipline (also called Tantra), has most Shakti. Shiva is the archetypal embodiment of the masculine principle, often thought of as a descending column of light - the light of consciousness. Shakti is the ascending flame or spark that arises from the earth the energy that creates life. She is the archetypal embodiment of the feminine principle. As the dialogue opens, She, feeling compassion for the suffering of humankind. approaches Him and asks Him to elucidate the reasons for this painful state of affairs. In the conversation that follows, Shiva illuminates the process of life on earth, bringing it into conscious awareness, and details how things have gone awry. Shakti, already complete in Her power (with, as far as creating and manifesting, no need or lack), accepts the elucidation grateful for the help that it will offer to embodied souls, all the while basking in its implications since it ultimately amounts to the adoration of Her.

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This update of tantra for the 21st century manages to be snappy and cutting-edge at the same time it remains faithful to the profound truths of an infamously renegade spiritual tradition. For over a thousand years, Tantra has shocked, scandalized, and yet continually infiltrated and revitalized the most ancient philosophies and religions of the world. In this little volume, you will learn why - and discover how it is even more relevant than ever in this period of drastic transformation and change. The principles of tantra lie at the heart of yoga, alchemy, Buddhism, and holistic medicine.

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