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Dr Rajendra Prasad Biography PDF


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 Dr. Rajendra Prasad Biography

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DR. RAJENDRA PRASAD was one of the noblest personalities of our time. A scholar of vast erudition, a humanist to the core with a feeling of love for all, a deeply religious man inspired by lofty ideals, a fearless patriot and national hero, who placed service above self, being always in the vanguard of our struggle for freedom as a devoted follower of Mahatma Gandhi, and an enlightened and successful guide of the country after her emancipation from alien domination, he has left a legacy of inspiration for generations to come. His brilliant career, described in the different chapters of this volume, in many respects illumines the pages of the history of our country, particularly those which relate to the successive phases of our national movement.

In Chapter I, I have traced Dr. Rajendra Prasad's ances try and early life, and in Chapter II has been given an account of the few years of his youth which he spent in Calcutta as a student and a lawyer, when a new awakening dawned in his mind under the influence of some invigorate ing socio-cultural forces sweeping over our country. In Chapter III, I have explained the genesis and significance of Mahatma Gandhi's mission in Champaran, in response to the piteous appeals of the peasants of this part of Bihar, who were severely afflicted by the oppression of the indigo planters, and its profound influence on Dr. Rajendra Prasad. Indeed, this marked a turning point in his career and also in the history of our nationalism. Chapter IV has reviewed his prominent role in the Satyagraha of 1919 and in the Non-cooperation Movement, which gave a clarion call to the country in its fight for freedom. 

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