Kurma Purana in English PDF

Kurma Purana in English PDF

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 Kurma Purana Full (Parts 1 and 2)

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Ancient History

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Kurma-The Divine Tortoise is normally regarded as the second incarnation of god Vişņu but Bh. P. 1.3.16 states it to be the eleventh. In B. P. VIII. 5.8-10, we are told that in the sixth (caksuşa) Manvantara, Lord Visņu 'by a ray of his essential nature, appeared as Ajita, the son of Vairaja and Sambhuti' and supported mount Mandara, while gods and demons were churning the sea of milk for extracting nectar. The Bh. P. gives the credit for churning the ocean to Lord Visņu (VIII. 7.16).

The Divine Tortoise still resides in the Hiranmaya continent, where Aryama, the ruler of the manes, worships him. His mantra is: 

om namo bhagavate akūpārāya sarva-sattva-guna-visesanaya' nupalaksita sthandya, namo varsmane bhimne namo

namo'vasthanaya namaste

AP. does not give the parentage of Kurma, but states that when due to the curse of sage Durvasas, gods lost their glory, Vişņu advised them to churn out the nectar from the sea, and at that time, when the supportless churning-rod-mount Mandara-began to sink into the water, god Vişnu assumed the form of a divine tortoise and supported Mandara (AP. 3.1.8). Even KP. merely states in verse 28 below:

"When it (the sea) was being churned, god Janardana who had assumed the form of a tortoise, bore (on its 

Kurma Purana Book Summary

The Purana is a distinct branch of learning. It is treated as one of the Vidyas like the Samkhya and the Vedanta, it has its distinct theory of cosmology. The major Puranas are considered to be eighteen in numbers, known by Maha Puranas are considered to be eighteen in numbers, known by maha-Puranas. One of the important Puranas among the eighteen Maha-Purana is kurma Mahapurana, in which the narrator is Lord Visnu himself, in the form of a Kurama (tortoise).

Kurma Purana is divided into two sections, viz., Purava-Bhaga and Uttara-Bhaga. There are various stories in this Purana, full of great learning. Initially, the origin of Prajapatis, the duties of our Varna’s, and ht source of the livelihood of each of the varnas have been described. Similarly, the characteristics of Dharma, Artha, Kama, and Moksa have also been spelled out.

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