Mahabharata Book PDF in English by Ramesh Menon

Mahabharata Book PDF in English

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 The Complete Mahabharata Volume 1 to 12

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 Ramesh Menon

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  23 MB

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Ancient History

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AUM! I bow down to Narayana and Nara, the most exalted Purusha, and to the Devi Saraswati, and utter the word Jaya. Ugrasrava is the son of Romaharshana; he is a Suta and a master of the Puranas. One day, bowing reverently, he came to the great Rishis of flinchless austerity who sat at their ease after attending the twelve years' yagna of Saunaka Kulapati, in the Naimisha vana. The Munis were eager to listen to the marvellous legends of Ugrasrava, who had come to their asrama in the forest. The holy ones welcomed him with respect. He greeted those Sages with folded hands and inquired after the evolution of their tapasya.

When the Rishis all sat again, Romaharshana's son also humbly sat upon the seat they offered him. Seeing that he was comfortable, and refreshed, one of the Rishis said, 'From where are you coming, lotus-eyed Sauti, and where have you been spending your time? Tell me, who asks you this, in detail.'

Mahabharata Book Summary 

The Mahabharata of Veda Vyasa is the longest recorded epic in the world. With almost 100,000 verses, it is many times as long as the Iliad and the Odyssey combined and has deeply influenced every aspect of the Indian ethos for some 4,000 years.

The main theme of the epic is the Great War in Kurukshetra, but there are smaller stories and other stories within these, all woven together with a genius that defies comparison. At its heart, it contains Krishna’s immortal Bhagavad Gita, The Song of God.

The Mahabharata embodies the ancient and sacred Indian tradition in all its earthly and spiritual immensity. As the famous saying goes, ‘What is found here may be found elsewhere. What is not found here will not be found elsewhere.’

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