SHIVA TRILOGY Review in English

SHIVA TRILOGY Review in English
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Today we'll also talk about one book you might have heard of before. Yes! I am going to talk about Amish Tripathi's SHIVA TRILOGY but do you know? This book has a total of 19 languages translations Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, and many more and it is one of the most sold books in India Now let's talk about the story of the book shiva trilogy, as it name suggests,

 It is a collection of a total of 3 books based on the life of the god Shiva But many people have a question that is it based on his real life? or it is just imaginaryActually, the answer is YES and NO both It is the imagination of the AMISH in which the story is very similar to real life but shown by many scientific facts which makes it more interesting to read.

Now let's talk about how Hindi translation actually, first, I read it in English which it is written initially which I find very interesting, And then I tried it in Hindi I found its Hindi translation is as well very good, yes we can say its translation is readable now let's talk about the fault in its Hindi translation you can easily see that words have been used first think that they are the English words secondly, they are not even invented in that but if I give my suggestion then it is not because of language. 

Actually, in its English version, these types of words have been used which is that much big platform may be a small thing but it is not ignorable Now let's see if this book is informative or not? If we talk about the life of Shivathen it gives a very brief description of itIf you want to understand his life then this book will be very informative for youThe scientific facts that are talked about in this book also give you a very different view of his life.

But if you talk about today and if you ask me what can this book teach us which can be useful for future purposes? then NO Now my views on this book if you ask me, then I like fantasy novels too much. Shiva trilogy is fantasy but it teaches us many things about Shiva's real life, according to me, you should read this book and see the image of that history through Amish Tripathi's eyes. If you don't like fantasy novels then it's better to not read this because then you will find so many misconceptions about the life of Shiva in this book.


Is the Shiva trilogy worth reading?

It's worth the time. It's one of the Best Novels! This is one of the best trilogies out there in the market, it's a must-read book. It's not only about the story but also about many life lessons which are illustrated in this book.

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