If you want to publish your e-books with EnglishPDFbook, you can email us your books at the following address. If your book conforms to our guidelines, then we will publish your book on this website. And you will also be entitled to a monetary reward. This information will be obtained from you by email.


Important: When sending a book, send us your name, email, and any additional information about yourself that you think is necessary. Apart from this, you can also send your photo which will be attached to your book.

E-Book Sending Guidelines

1. E-book should be in Hindi or English language.

2. You can write any book of Genre (like Religious, Literature, Novel, Adventure, Education, Health, Yoga, Romance, Drama, Horror, etc.).

3. The book has to be submitted in Word File or PDF format.

4. The book should be original, ie it should not be a copy.

5. The book must have at least 15 pages in addition to the cover page, preface, index. And the font size of the book should not be more than 14.

Request: Please send the books you have written yourself or you have copyright rights to them. Do not send books that you have not written or whose copyright rights you do not have.

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